Waldstock 2011

Saturday 23rd July
Fighting Cocks, Wendens Ambo

Waldstock is an annual charity music festival held in the grounds of the Fighting Cocks Public House, Wendens Ambo, Essex.  Waldstock is organised entirely by volunteers, many of them musicians themselves, and the bands who appear give their time totally free of charge. In 2011, the festival lands on the weekend of 22nd-24th July.

The first charitiy we're raising money for this year is "MEDICS," which is a totally voluntary emergency service that has saved the lives of many people in our area since Dr John Eaton founded it in 1978. They provides emergency medical support to an area over 800 sq miles.

Charity number two is the "Funky Flamingo Disability Group" - a club/arts group for disabled people, organised and run by disabled adults and youngsters from Cambs and beyond. They help disabled people from all over the region in playing music, DJing, sound/light engineering, filmmaking, and hold a club night at the Junction in Cambridge. They also have the world's first internet disability TV station, "Funky Flamingo TV"!! Check them out here!

Le Brewery Festivale, 2011 France

Angel Underground went to France for a few glorious days of beer, music and fantastic food at the Le Brewery Festival. We played two gigs to two absolutely rocking audiences - man, do the french like Johnny B Good!!!

We also had some bizarre moments - we worked out that, from base to gig in Normandy (return) we travelled 999 miles. Strangely, when we received the news that Bin Laden had been killed, we had travelled 911 miles. Spooky!

We got lost trying to find our lodgings - they were surrounded by the only fog in the whole region!  Honeywitch, who travelled with us, made ridiculous amounts of money (well, 20 Euros!) doing tarot readings, but strangely her dowsing skills didn't help us in the fog!

Then in a moment of pure parellell universe/Twilight Zone we found the French Angel Underground ! They had  formed in their teens in the same decade as us and were singing about many of the same things, with some identical song titles...  Black Shelby, our French brothers, we love you, you rock!! 


Angel Underground with Black Shelby and Steve, Master Brewer Extraordinaire...

If you are ever in Normandy, drop in on Steve at Le Brewery and taste some of his fine local brews!

Charity Gig, 2010

This was great fun, with support from very special band The Dreamcatchers. Again, a lovely audience.